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A very warm welcome to the web page of the Enyi Foundation for Community Development (EFCD). We are a Non Governmental Organization with our primary office in Enugu State Nigeria.

The organisation is a 'friend' to the members of the Nigerian society; just as it’s name ‘Enyi’ means in Igbo Language. We are very much aware of some educational challenges most children face in some communities and we are committed to ameliorating these problems, whilst having a positive impact on the children

We work to improve the overall quality of learning and bring about sustainable change that improves Early and Primary Years education especially in schools in the rural areas.

Our Vision is to ensure equal opportunity for every child no matter his location- rural or urban, public or private schools.

A child needs a conducive learning environment to thrive and blossom.

In the near future, it is our plan to set up the Kids and Teens Library in all the 36 states in Nigeria.
We also intend to set up libraries in schools as most schools may have the space for a library, but may not actually have a library.

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Volunteer With Us

Whichever programme you enroll in you will be benefiting from EFCD's extensive experience in
Nigeria with each scheme led by an award-winning team of project coordinators.