— I-Read Programme

Early Learning Trust

This is a library project designed to encourage children to enjoy the art of reading from a tender age. The activities under this programme are:

(a)Kids and Teens Library (KTL)

This will cater to kids ages 3 to 17 years. There will be a physical library set up in Enugu State with books for children within the age range mentioned above in hard copy and also in soft copies. This means that the Library will be equipped with computers and tablets that the children can use to learn/read. The Library will also have WIFI which would encourage children to surf the net for age appropriate materials.
KTL will not only be a building that house books for children to read, but a complete community library that will have different clubs and social activities, such as Reading Club, Chess Club, Dance clubs, Debate Club, History Club, Sports Club, etc.

(B) Mini-libraries are also being set up in Orphanages and homes that house children Who were abandoned by their parents.

C) Mini- libraries are also being set up in Local Government Councils, so that children who live within those areas may have access to books.